32 mins ago

    Wordle 410: August 3, 2022 Hints & Answer

    August 3rd’s Wordle answer is relatively easy to guess; however, it still might stump some players due to the number…
    54 mins ago

    Photos: Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan | In Pictures News

    Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the United States House of Representatives, has visited Taiwan, despite warnings of severe consequences from…
    1 hour ago

    European shares slip as Fed officials focus on inflation

    European equities edged lower on Wednesday after hawkish comments from the US Federal Reserve clouded market expectations that an economic…
    1 hour ago

    Nancy Pelosi vows US support for Taiwan as officials warn of China’s military blockade

    Nancy Pelosi pledged an “ironclad” US commitment to Taiwan during a historic visit to the country on Wednesday that has…
    3 hours ago

    New York regulators slap Robinhood’s crypto business with a $30 million fine

    In the latest in what seems to be a string of challenges the company has to grapple with, Robinhood’s crypto…



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