56 mins ago

    Snap and TikTok receive Facebook support on Senate hearings

    Snap and TikTok receive Facebook support at Senate | hearing Chances are You need to turn on JavaScript to view…
    1 hour ago

    Everyone gets hats in the free DLC for ‘Bugsnax’, The Isle of BIGsnax

    PlayStation only Bugsnax is growing significantly in several ways next year with the transformation of the Isle of BIGsnax. Entering…
    2 hours ago

    Mercedes’ electric delivery van concept cleans air

    Mercedes is in use soon COP26 climate summit showing his EV trials – and shows how stability can involve more…
    3 hours ago

    Ecuador’s president wants to negotiate with protesters | Opposition Articles

    Many people were arrested at the protests and the closure of highways in protest of rising oil prices. Ecuador’s rural…
    3 hours ago

    Saudi Arabia calls Hezbollah’s financial group ‘terrorists’ | Hezbollah News

    Riyadh suspends Al-Qard Al-Hassan’s Lebanese assets and prohibits participation in the deal due to Hezbollah links. Saudi Arabia has designated…



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