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Full Copa America 2021 schedule: playlist, long-distance IST, location, must-see, live matches in India

The Brazilian striker opens his Copa America 2021 campaign against Venezuela in the Brasilia capital on June 14 while the finalists will be played at the Rio de Janeiro Stadium in the Maracana, South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) on Wednesday.

The race, which took place last year as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, was relocated to Brazil on Monday after the Argentine and Colombian participants were last modified.

It will be the second consecutive time the tournament is being held in Brazil and will come despite health concerns in the country. Brazil reported 100,000 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, with more than 2,500 people.

Rio is the only city where two stadiums will be used, with some locations in Goiania and Cuiaba.

The final match is scheduled for Nilton Santos Stadium on July 6 by Mane Garrincha the next day.

The Maracana will perform its final, only match on July 11.

(Input from Reuters; always with his days in IST)


Day Matches Location Shipping time (in IST)
Monday, June 14th Brazil vs Venezuela Mane Garrincha 2:30 AM
Monday, June 14th Colombia vs Ecuador Pantanal Games 5:30 AM
Tuesday, June 15th Argentina vs Chile Nilton Santos 2:30 AM
Tuesday, June 15th Paraguay vs Bolivia Olimpico 5:30 AM
Friday, June 18th Colombia vs Venezuela Olimpico 2:30 AM
Friday, June 18th Peru vs Brazil Nilton Santos 5:30 AM
Saturday, June 19th Chile vs Bolivia Pantanal Games 2:30 AM
Saturday, June 19th Argentina vs Uruguay Mane Garrincha 5:30 AM
Monday, June 21st Venezuela vs Ecuador Nilton Santos 2:30 AM
Monday, June 21st Colombia vs Peru Olimpico 5:30 AM
Tuesday, June 22nd Uruguay vs Chile Pantanal Games 2:30 AM
Tuesday, June 22nd Argentina vs Paraguay Mane Garrincha 5:30 AM
Thursday, June 24th Ecuador vs Peru Olimpico 2:30 AM
Thursday, June 24th Colombia vs Brazil Nilton Santos 5:30 AM
Friday, June 25th Bolivia vs Uruguay Pantanal Games 2:30 AM
Friday, June 25th Chile vs Paraguay Mane Garrincha 5:30 AM
Monday, June 28th Brazil vs Ecuador Olimpico 2:30 AM
Monday, June 28th Venezuela vs Peru Mane Garrincha 2:30 AM
Tuesday, June 29th Uruguay vs Paraguay Nilton Santos 5:30 AM
Tuesday, June 29th Bolivia vs Argentina Pantanal Games 5:30 AM


Day Matches Location Shipping time (in IST)
Saturday, July 3rd 2B vs 3A Olimpico 2:30 AM
Saturday, July 3rd 1B vs 4A Nilton Santos 5:30 AM
Sunday, July 4th 2A vs 3B Mane Garrincha 3:30 AM
Sunday, July 4th 1A vs 4B Olimpico 6:30 AM


Day Matches Location Shipping time (in IST)
Tuesday, July 6th WQF1 and WQF2 Nilton Santos 4:30 AM
Wednesday, July 7th WQF3 and WQF4 Mane Garrincha 6:30 AM


Day Matches Location Shipping time (in IST)
Saturday, July 10th LSF2 and LSF1 Mane Garrincha 5:30 AM


Day Matches Location Shipping time (in IST)
Saturday, July 11th WSF2 vs WSF1 Maracana 5:30 AM


The competition will be shown live in five languages ​​including English, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam on Sony Ten and Sony Fifth TV shows starting June 14. The self-promotion will also be available at SonyLiv.

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