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No pope’s apology for Canadian Indigenous Indians’ ‘degrading’: Social Freedom Issues

The comments follow the discovery of an undisclosed grave of 215 children at a boarding school run by the Catholic Church.

The Canadian Minister of Development has said it is unfortunate that the pope has not traditionally apologized for harassing Catholic-run schools in the country, which he calls “concentration camps”.

Marc Miller’s comments Wednesday followed recently to find of an undisclosed cemetery of 215 children in the city of Kamloops at one of the 139 boarding schools set up a century ago to forcefully take over Canadian Indians.

“I do, I do,” the minister told a news conference when asked if he was supporting Indian Indigenous singing to apologize long ago even before the 2015 Commission and Reconciliation report was released.

“I think it’s a pity he didn’t do this, that it hasn’t happened yet,” he said. “It has to happen. There is a position on the shoulders of the Council of Bishops in Canada. ”

Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett also said the pope’s apology was necessary to “open up healing” in traditional communities.

“They want to hear the Pope apologize,” he said, urging Catholics in Canada to “ask their church to do better”.

A few hours after Miller’s remarks, Archbishop of Vancouver J Michael Miller apologized on television.

“In the wake of the tragic disclosure of the remains of 215 children at the former Kamloops Indian Residential school, I am writing to apologize and extend my deepest apologies to the families and communities affected by this tragic incident,” he said. words.

“If these words of apology for these incredible things are alive and healing, they should be accompanied by vivid events that promote the full revelation of the truth,” he said, promising to produce church documents for the schools.

“Undoubtedly the church was wrong in establishing the government’s anti-colonial policy which caused problems for children, families and communities,” he said.

Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, where there was an unknown cemetery were found last week using downward radar, operated by the Catholic Church on behalf of Ottawa from 1890 to 1969.

Nearly 150,000 Indian children, Inuit and Metis are all forced to enroll in these schools, where students are abused and raped by head teachers and teachers who take away their culture and language.

Today these experiences are being highlighted because of the prevalence of poverty, alcoholism and domestic violence, as well as serious suicide, in Indian society.

Delegates from local leaders met in 2009 with Pope Benedict who “expressed his grief” over the genocide.

Although the group has received words of regret as “important”, he said it has not been apologized for by the government.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission later realized that “it is a shock to survivors and others that the Pope (had not yet made a clear and firm request to Canada for the atrocities”.

Pope Francis denial afterwards to apologize in 2018 – after the Canadian parliament passed a petition to apologize – criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, saying he was “disappointed” by the church’s view.

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