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Twelve Hours in Amsterdam: Danish fans travel with difficulty to the Welsh game

Danish football fans, after winning the Euro 2020 tournament against their rivals in Russia on Monday, could take advantage of the opportunity they had on the COVID-19 trip to take part in Saturday’s 16-final match against Wales in Amsterdam, Danish officials say.

Denmark managed to make a dramatic knock on Monday after a 4-1 victory over Russia, with the help of a happy team in Copenhagen.

But Dutch officials see Denmark as a “high-risk country”, meaning that travelers must isolate themselves until 10 days after entering the Netherlands.

Volunteers, however, can take advantage of opportunities available in Dutch law.

“If you are in the Netherlands for only 12 hours, then you should not isolate yourself,” Erik Rasmussen, a staff member at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told reporters Tuesday.

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“It has to be professionally possible. (Enter), get a quick test before you go to the stadium, watch the game, and get out of this country within 12 hours,” Rasmussen said.

The Danish campaign for Euro 2020 has been exciting since midfielder Christian Eriksen was arrested on the field for his first game 10 days ago.

Parken Stadium in Copenhagen relied on Monday night, as the team became the first in Euro history to reach a game after losing in their first two games.

Danish leader Kasper Hjulmand praised the fans, who he said contributed to the victory. “They gave us wings, thank you very much,” he said in an interview after the game.

Denmark, which has played Finland, Belgium and Russia at Parken Stadium, has had a similar run, meaning that Belgian and Russian fans are not allowed to enter the country without a break.

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