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QAnon Controls Its Global Internet Transfer

The crowd chased after her while 1,500 attendees clapped on the tree and chanted “We are not receiving it!” When For For God & Country Patriot Roundup, a QAnon-linked conference in Dallas at the end of May, began with a discussion of unity and love, speakers mentioned or made a clear statement about the Second Resurrection, in addition to the video “Resurrection” and ” THE ONLY WAY IS SOMETHING, “and General Michael Flynn’s opinion now states Myanmar race has to happen in the United States.

While many question how QAnon will survive without their anonymous “leader”, Q, the show has unveiled a new dimension as cybercrime ideas turn into human actions and events. Similar to other attempts to end the 2020 election in light of the false claims of voters — including the recent President Trump — Ohio Convention and the continuous support of the Maricopa County-Patriot Roundup review brought new interest and encouragement to speakers who strive to take political action. And as QAnon struggled to find people online, the group has found new areas they want to pursue, including evangelical Christians.

On weekends, speakers encourage political discussions and personal meetings, especially at timber for school, child protection services, and the management of local offices. For example, when asked about the upcoming “military courts” and what could happen “Defects, ”A former Trump lawyer and QAnon representative Sidney Powell insisted that the only plan was to get involved in politics. “No, there are no military courts going on,” he said. “No one is going to solve this problem completely.” He also encouraged attendees to participate “in your community, in your school districts, in all aspects of your life so that you can inherit this country.” While engaging in QAnon politics Rushing to the previous office, the meeting tested the legitimacy of the agreement.

The insistence on local and offline events is an important response to QAnon being removed instead of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. Over the weekend, speakers made the removal a very important issue of repression. In addition to the destruction of QAnon’s followers shortly before January 6, another speaker, “Kate Awakening,” called “The Purge” nut, “was like a scene from the past. Titanic. ”

“Together, this was the next inevitable part,” said Brad Getz, a QAnon content producer and speaker. “They can check us out – you know we’ll just take it on the road there.”

Some compared it excessively and incorrectly with the gulags. “They don’t need gulags, gas chambers, and slaughterhouses because the current technology allows them to do this by drafting a set of rules,” said spokesman Evan Sayet. “This Jew has been connected to a computer. He has deleted my voice on Facebook. He has deleted my voice on Twitter.

Flynn, a keynote speaker, likened the transformation of the military to: “We’ve been snatched away from social media tech titans right and right … We’re fighting for the right to know about the ocean right now.”

Speakers and attendees continued to speak out strongly against anti-election fraud and the January 6 issue at the Capitol. Many have referred to the Maricopa County “poll”, counting the so-called extremist parties’ votes and their dismissal. GOP chairpersons of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Many attendees believe it may lead to a recurring review of other words he says which could ultimately undermine the definitive results of the 2020 elections. A maricopa-type survey sponsored by Robin Vos in Wisconsin, Steve Carra in Michigan, and Dave Argall in Pennsylvania, among others, is ready to continue the story and the violence that ensues.

Many attendees and speakers also spoke about living in the Capitol on January 6 proudly, cheerfully, and cheerfully.

“We know that the media, your friends, your relatives want to embarrass you and tell you that you have done something wrong … I also wear January 6 as a badge of honor,” he said. Couy Griffin, an employee in County New Mexico who is being investigated for violating the Capitol. Quoting QAnon, Griffin shouted, “Because where we’re going …” and the audience also shouted, “All of us!”

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