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GoPro Hero 10 Black Review: Our Favorite Design Camera Grows

Very strange but for GoPro’s new Hero 10 Black it may not be there at all. In a way, amidst the lack of a chip with high-cost vehicles and the supply of chains that have fallen on the industry, GoPro has managed to unveil a new camera with the idea of ​​making a new app.

Also interesting is the fact that GoPro add-ons clicked on his existing photos with a cow processor. Hero 10 delivers fast video — 4K images can now be shot at 120 frames per minute, with 5.3K views at 60 fps. The user interface is also very simple, the start time is short, and the window lists are very responsive. The new processor can extract edited images into your videos.

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All your Hero 9 weapons will work with Hero 10.

Photo: GoPro

The Hero 10 Black is indistinguishable from the predecessors, with the exception of the new blue logo. Locks, mirrors, lenses, and snapshots do not change. It’s a little lighter (3 percent), which is a good thing. On paper, Hero 10 may seem daunting, but the new GoPro processor, called GP2, brings additional features to Hero 10 that make it worthwhile to upgrade.

GP2 is the first GoPro processor to change since Hero 6 launched four years ago. GoPro has put a lot of effort into setting it up for work, enabling the Hero 10 to do more with the image similar to Hero 9. In addition to the 5.3K and 4K graphics, the Hero 10 can also shoot 1080 video at 270 fps, which makes for a very impressive video.

The new processor is also running GoPro’s latest video video stabilization system, Hypersmooth 4. Hypersmooth computer video stabilization is one of the key features that differentiates GoPro from its competitors, and is a big part of what Hero’s list has been to us. auxiliary camera.

Because of the way it works seeds in the frame to create stable video, Hypersmooth was not available for shooting 5.3K video. But in Hero 10, the module can be used to shoot 5.3K, 30-fps video. This means that you can shoot high quality video in 5.3K, to reduce any distortion, and get 4K video output. That being the case is enough for the Hero 10 to be promoted to professional artists who rely on POV events in their work. Hypersmooth also works on 4K 60-fps and 1080p 120-fps images.

Another development of Hypersmooth is stability. Hero 10 can adjust your shot so you don’t have to look at a horizontal angle at 45 degrees (from 27 degrees left in Hero 9). Unfortunately, this trick is not available when shooting 5.3K, but it does work with 4K 60-fps images.

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