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No, the ‘Lovecraft World’ did not require a second season

Seventh part of World of Lovecraft, A Black Woman, Surrounded by a Bright Sea, writes hurriedly as she prepares a machine that will soon shake her from time to time. Observers see Hippolyta, a married woman played by Aunjanue Ellis, who claims to be a world-famous figure — a reputation that has never been given to black Americans in sci-fi (as well as a history of white colonialism). It’s a good example of a very large retail outlet: a continuation of the norms that tend to harass black people in the movie.

Produced by showrunner Misha Green, World of Lovecraft and a black fictional series that aired on HBO in August last year. It is based on Matt Ruff’s 2016 book of the same name, a book that focuses on the magic of HP Lovecraft through the eyes of black people in Jim Crow ’50s. Jonathan Majors plays Atticus “Tic” Freeman, a Korean military officer who has returned home to search for his missing father, Montrose (the late Michael K. Williams), with the help of the curious Letitia “Leti” Lewis (Jurnee Smollett). The three leaders will soon be immersed in a story driven by the horrors, horrors, and birthright magic of Tic’s unexpected birthright.

In July, HBO he announced all of a sudden – and frustrates fans – that the series isn’t going back for a second season. Less than two weeks later, the Television Academy decided World of Lovecraft for winning 18 Emmy Awards, stories that made HBO’s idea seem unreasonable. The angry ones went to the television to express their dissatisfaction. “World of Lovecraft nominated by 18 Emmy and HBO banned, ” a Twitter user wrote. “Shit doesn’t make sense.”

But it probably does. World of Lovecraft stated his point. It empowered black heroes to practice occultism, bigotry, and white supremacy. Instead of dying almost to the death of the black people we were expecting one showing danger, instead he lost his whiteness with the Quentin Tarantino pulp year. And World of Lovecraft did it all with stellar cast, best animation, great visuals, and a tilt song that takes everything from Nina Simone to Cardi B. Maybe it does not require Season 2; Considering how much he fell at the end of his first run, the second one could only tarnish his good name.

An interesting story has twists, but the twisted roads must be well connected enough to follow. World of Lovecraft is full of stories, many of which are planted randomly and are not fully satisfied because there is no really deep space. He set out to suppress any black and cultural events to fit into his plot: the massacre at Tulsa, the Chicago riots in Trumbull Park, the assassination of Emmett Till, the presence of sun-drenched towns, and the dissemination of Negro Driver Green Book, to name a few. Sometimes it works; sometimes it sounds like they were made. Always, it sounds like more.

This could be just a drawing of the findings – the book was, for a fact, a series of short stories connected. But it was like the writers of World of Lovecraft could not decide whether the program should be unique or episodic, so it was just a strange mix. Or is it the story of how many cooks in the kitchen: The plot begins to revolve around the fourth episode, while Misha Green is no longer the only name mentioned in the article. By the time we get to Hippolyta’s cemetery explorers in section seven — strangely enough to testify — the plot is already off the track. It sounds ugly and unmixed; the pieces don’t come together until the revision, when viewers already have an idea of ​​what’s to come.

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