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Crown, Ted Lasso wins major Emmy Awards | Social and Cultural Affairs

The Crown drama and comedy Ted Lasso received the best Emmy awards on Sunday when The Queen’s Gambit was named the shortest of the best nightmares of Netflix, as well as British talent.

Crown was voted the best Netflix line-up at the moment, with Apple TV + joining the big promotional leagues such as Ted Lasso, the world’s top English club and their American manager, won the top spot. – the first of a new project.

Olivia Colman and Josh O’Connor won top Emmys at their most recent show in The Crown, which focused on the 1980s when Margaret Thatcher was Britain’s Prime Minister and Prince Charles married Princess Diana.

Colman and O’Connor, who played Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, were named the best actress and actress.

Fellow British thespian Kate Winslet was voted the best player in her career as a detective in a small town town in the HBO limited Mare of Easttown, while Ewan McGregor was an amazing winner in his career at Netflix’s Halston.

Jason Sudeikis was honored for his role in football in Ted Lasso, who also wrote and produced [Rich Fury/Getty Images via AFP]
Brett Goldstein and Hannah Waddingham also won the Emmys title in their careers at Ted Lasso. Goldstein plays the old star player while Waddingham shows off the club owner [Mario Anzuoni/Reuters]

The crown also brought with it the achievements of supporting actors Gillian Anderson, starring Thatcher, and Tobias Menzies, starring Prince Philip, as well as writing and directing.

“We are all happy. I am very proud. I am very grateful. We are going to a party, ”said Peter Morgan, who co-hosted the show at a conference in London for the actors and actors.

In all, the British actresses won seven of the 12 awards they performed at the Emmys.

Jason Sudeikis, star and fellow producer Ted Lasso, was named the best player while Britons Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein were honored for their support.

“The show is about family. The show is about teachers and teachers and the show is about the players. And I wouldn’t be here without these three things in my life, “Sudeikis said after receiving the award.

The famous Gambit queen, who brought worldwide attention in chess, won the award for the smallest series, against a fierce competition of shows including the Easttown Mare and the horror sex scandal in London I May Destroy You.

Netflix has won all 44 awards, which is similar to the network history set up in 1974, by CBS.

Michaela Coel arrived at the 73th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday with I May Destroy You co-star Paapa Essiedu who was also selected to take part in the show. He took home the best writing award in his country [Chris Pizzello/AP Photo]

The event was a disappointment to those who watched various television shows.

Although there were some nominees of the genre, only a handful were selected to be successful – RuPaul of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Michaela Coel, better known as the author of I May Destroy You, who also watched and edited.

“Write a story that scares you, that makes you insecure, that is not good,” Coel said, dedicating his Emmy to survivors of the beating.

The lower ceremony, which took place outdoors amidst the stress of COVID-19, was performed by Cedric the Entertainer who moved from the hip-hop opening number through a number of products and artwork.

Winners of major awards at the Emmys

Very good toys


Very good movies

Ted Lasso

Very short list

Queen of the Queen

Best actress

Olivia Colman, Crown

Best Player (Drama)

Josh O’Connor, Crown

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 19: (LR) Moses Ingram, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Marielle Heller, winner of the Outstanding Limited Or Anthology Series Award for The Queen’s Gambit [Rich Fury/Getty Images via AFP]

Best player (joke)

Jean Smart, Hacks

Best player (joke)

Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso

The best player in the game

Gillian Anderson, Korona

The best player in the game

Tobias Menzies, Korona

The best player in the game

Brett Goldstein, Ted Lasso

The best player in the game

Hannah Waddingham, Ted Lasso

Excellent artist, short series or video

Kate Winslet, East Wown

Ewan McGregor looks forward to his prestigious award for short films or anthology or film, at Halston, at the 73th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles [Mario Anzuoni/Reuters]

Best player, short list or video

Ewan McGregor, Halston

Excellent artist, short series or video

Julianne Nicholson, Mare of Easttown

Excellent player, short list or video

Evan Peters, Mare of Easttown

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