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Thousands of people were displaced by the eruption of the Spanish Canary Islands | European News

Authorities on the Spanish island of La Palma in the Pacific evacuated thousands of people after a volcanic eruption on Sunday caused a landslide that destroyed private homes and threatened to shore.

The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute reported the first eruption shortly after 3pm near the southern end of the island, which last erupted in 1971. The new eruption lasted until Sunday night.

Víctor Torres, president of the Canary Islands, estimates that some 5,000 people have been displaced from their homes. Many, he said, found relatives or friends to pick them up. The rest were in hiding.

La Palma, with a population of 85,000, is one of the eight volcanic islands in the Spanish Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa. Nearby, the islands are 100km (60 miles) from Morocco.

A magnitude 4.2 earthquake was recorded before the eruption, which occurred in the area known as Cabeza de Vaca sloping westward as the mountain descended to the shore.

The first explosion shook the area, and another black volcanic eruption with a burning tip immediately descended to the suburbs of El Paso. Mayor Sergio Rodríguez said 300 vulnerable people had recently been evacuated, roads were closed and authorities urged them not to approach the site.

The blast also struck at least eight homes, according to local authorities, causing one tower to collapse. Officials have warned that the eruption could also threaten the governments of El Paraiso, Alcala and surrounding areas.

Itahiza Dominguez, chief of quakes at the National Geology Institute in Spain, told Canary Islands Television that while it is too early to determine the extent of the eruption, the “eruption” in the Canary Islands lasts for weeks or months “.

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