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US House approves $ 6.3B for refugee refugee status in Afghanistan | Controversial Issues

The money will help US government agencies’ refugee refugees in Kabul relocate in August.

US House of Representatives wants to approve $ 6.3bn in disaster relief to help relocate Afghan refugees in the United States rescue work from Kabul last month.

The bill is part of a $ 28.6bn fundraiser and a suspension bill that is expected to be released into the House on Tuesday night – but could face a major challenge in the US Senate.

“The funding will ensure that government agencies involved in the relocation process have the potential to help Afghan counterparts secure new lives in the United States,” said Representative Deborah Ross, House of Democrats.

Leaders of the House of Representatives have urged emergency aid legislation to provide funding to the U.S. government, which is temporarily suspended on midnight on September 30 with no suspension.

Most of the Republicans in Congress donate money to Afghan refugees, thousands of whom have immigrated to the US so far, including translators and others who have assisted US troops in the 20-year mission in Afghanistan.

But the big money is facing uncertain expectations in the U.S. Parliament, while Republicans are opposed to a portion that increases the debt that U.S. Treasure can offer.

Republicans have sharply criticized what they describe as President Joe Biden’s “linking” to the US military crackdown on Afghanistan, which was to finish on August 30th.

“America is to be held accountable for the elections that have taken place, and the failure of leadership that occurs in all parties,” said Representative Tom Cole, Republican House Speaker.

More than 120,000 Afghan people were evacuated to Kabul International Airport during the unrest.

Just days before the US departure, 175 Afghans and 13 U.S. soldiers were killed in a bomb blast near the airport. Islamic State in the province of Khorasan, ISKP (ISIS-K).

Parliament is launching new demands for Afghans who have fled the Taliban since July, and wants US officials to ask for refugee questions within 45 days from their request to flee their homes and hold a final decision within 150 days.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is also urged to report to Congress on quarterly cases and the number of those fleeing Afghanistan from the US and US military bases, according to the law.

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