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Following the rise of Bahrain, a group of Indian women face the 40th Chinese Taipei

The Indian women’s team faces a tough test on the road trip as the team heads to China Taipei for the World Cup on Wednesday.

From Bahrain’s 5-0 win over its last tour on Sunday, India will enter the match confidently and hope to win.

The players got off to a good start under Thomas Dennerby, winning twice against the UAE and Bahrain.

However, the instructor is well aware of the challenges that Chinese Taipei will present. Chinese Taipei is ranked 40th in the FIFA chart.

On the eve of the debate, Dennerby said, “The game so far has shown us what we need to do to move forward. The game against Chinese Taipei has been our toughest test here on this trip. But we are ready to do so.”

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He added, “I’m looking forward to the game against Chinese Taipei, which means our defense will be very tight. However, it also means we will have more space to fight behind them, which makes it more fun to meet.”

There is evidence of changing the style of the Indian team under Dennerby to date. He seems to be emphasizing on competitive football.

“In defense, we like to play with zonal defense now. The girls are beginning to understand what I want them to do in defending the game,” she said.

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“During the offensive, we have changed our style of play, trying to play small opportunities and building from the back. From goal scorer to opponent, we try to play the most recent games. The quality of the game is also good with this,” said Dennerby.

In addition to the positive results against Bahrain, India beat the UAE 4-1 and lost to Tunisia 0-1 in Dubai in a World Cup match earlier this month.

The match is part of preparations for the Africa Cup of Nations, which will be hosted by India in January-February.

Before winning the 100th in the UAE on October 2, the Indians did not win in the last five games this year, although they were all against the top teams in Europe.


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