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Facebook is testing its “ non-political ” News feed in 75 new countries

Facebook is slowly growing its efforts to deal with politics from the News Feed. The company is now testing its “low political” diet in 75 new countries, Facebook said .

The company has already established a News feed version that has been updated to , as well as Costa Rica, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, and Indonesia. But the latest developments show a growing effort, and are bringing in more than 80 countries. Facebook did not name the latest countries to participate in the test, but a spokesman confirmed that the company is showing News Feed changes for “fewer people” in each country. The spokesman added that countries with upcoming elections and those “at high risk for conflict” were not included in the polls.

Mark Zuckerberg first He plans to make the News feed less political in January, just weeks after the uprising. “People don’t want politics and fighting to get what they want,” he said at the time.

Introducing international change could help Facebook learn more about how to reduce heat on its platform, which could be especially helpful when the company is accused of operating fostering a relationship. At the same time, the company has acknowledged that these changes may offend publishers. “Once we understand more about these tests, we will share changes in what we are learning and we will continue to make the right changes,” Facebook wrote in a blog post.

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