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Indian women’s soccer team climbs Renu’s goal to beat Chinese Taipei 1-0

The Indian women’s soccer match gained momentum on Thursday when they defeated top Chinese Chinese Taipei 1-0 in their match in Bahrain.

Renu scored a crucial goal in the third minute of the match to help his team win the 40th China Taipei. Renu had a chance to score his second goal five minutes later, but was ruled out before joining Dalima Chibber’s cross.

Chinese midfielder Taipei Ting Chi was close to picking up the match, but was denied by Aditi Chauhan under the bench for 17 minutes. Aditi also blocked Su Yu-Hsuan from pushing for India’s lead.

India’s youth football coach Dennerby has praised the team’s courage ahead of the friendly

Indumathi found the back of the net nine minutes into the second half but was ordered to be suspended. Lee Hsiu-Chin tried his luck almost prematurely, but Aditi stood up to reject him.

Chen Yen-Ping made the final attempt at China Taipei at the last minute of the legislature but his efforts reached a careful conclusion in Aditi’s pockets.

The Indian women are on a four-game tour and have played two games in the UAE and most in Bahrain two weeks ago. The team coached by Thomas Dennerby, 57, beat Bahrain 5-0 on Sunday. The Indian team also beat the UAE 4-1 and lost to Tunisia which is on 77th 1-0 earlier this month.

The friendly match is part of the Indian team’s preparations for the AFC Women’s Asia Cup, which will take place in January-February next year.

The Indian team travels to Sweden, where it will meet the Swedish Women Premier League teams Hammarby and Djurgårdens IF.


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