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Message Comes to Cesspool anti-Jewish images

In the past In a few months, the message has grown in popularity, hitting 550 million users per month in July 2021, making it the fifth most widely used app in the world. And as a government-controlled wave Internet closure cleans up around the world, the program has been praised for refusing to ban their work and its role in helping critics from Belarus in Myanmar planning. But libertarian ethos experts have a dark side, says the anti-apartheid movement Hope Not Hate: The program is one of the worst pits of anti-Semitism you can find online. And the problem is getting worse every day.

A new report from Hope Not Hate, which covers the spread of anti-Semitism on the Internet and should be published in full today, found that Telegram is important among major platforms in providing “safe havens” for anti-Semitic and extremist activists who have been removed. on other websites. This also includes QAnon’s trustees and sellers, conspiracy theories about the January 6, 2021 conspiracy, to attack the US Capitol.

The report shows that a number of Semitic alliances, or to address anti-Semitic violence, have grown dramatically in 2021 – not to be outdone by the proliferation of Telegrams. One of these, the Disruption of the Cabal, which sells the New World Order’s propaganda ideas launched in February 2021, has so far gained 90,000 followers; another, run by an anti-semitic QAnon lawyer called GhostEzra, has received the following 333,000 results. Hope Not Hate also found that at least 120 Telegram groups and methods of sharing anti-Semitic terrorists were written by a terrorist who attacked two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in March 2019, killing 51. Telegraph did nothing to deny this. The Telegraph’s press office did not respond to a request for comment.

“If you compare this with [inaction] how Telegal has been dealing with Islamist terrorists and terrorists, and diverts day and night, “says Patrik Hermansson, a researcher at Hope Not Hate. In 2019, the program removed more The bots are 43,000 channels linked to the Islamic State militant group as part of the Europol project. Hermansson claims that some of the anti-Semitic propaganda shared in the Telegram is incitement to terrorism and should be fired accordingly.

Hope Not Hate found that Conspiracy theories many have been blasting online since the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020, with its translators drowning and ways to differentiate themselves from their peers. Uncertainty and isolation tend to trigger anti-election issues, and the early stages of the epidemic are characterized by conspiracy theories from 5G to Bill Gates’ involvement in the epidemic. But as University of Warwick professor Quassim Cassam pointed out recently learning, many conspiracy theories end up blaming a small group of people for any risk they may have; almost invariably, the group is listed as Jewish. The fact that anti-Semitism online is making a comeback in the post-Covid world full of conspiracy theories, therefore, is not surprising.

The story of QAnon shows this perfectly. This myth is that the whole world is ruled by a satanic political party as well as politicians, economists, and theater actors, who spend their days laughing at the blood of children to keep them young — which is in stark contrast to the anti-Semitic blood libard canard. Where the Americans came from – Former President Donald Trump is portrayed as a white military, and according to one study, one in five people in the US is a QAnon believer-Over time the idea of ​​QAnon’s plot to expand its mission to include Covid-19 truthism, freedom fighters, and other right-wing extremists, which led to the following in many European countries, with Germany at the top of the list.

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