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The OLED switch teardown reveals a small cool assembly

It turns out that there is a lot that Nintendo has recently released than the latest version from Samsung. Hosting teardown console, with hero DIY on I’m getting ready found that the company developed a number of micro-components that make a device very different from the one that existed before.

Like the recent Sony , The OLED switch features less cool assembly than previous models. iFixit is skeptical of this Nintendo tweak to show off the air or re-record the “extra license” of developers. What we can say is that we believe that this change will not lead to the claim of a new model ”More than ever before. In another way to save space, Nintendo has integrated other components on a single board. Contractor SD card reader, handheld and cartridge reader are now available on a single PCB.

I’m getting ready

In particular, the only switch related to OLED display controllers is a set of new tracks that keep their Joy-Cons extremely secure. Another change is to see the connecting cords of the connector printed on top of a metal shield. While it is one thing that can make the OLED switch even more complicated, iFixit doubts it can also support WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

In terms of redesign, iFixit awarded OLED type seven out of ten awards. That’s less than the company offered the original version. The OLED switch features an immovable storage component that is sold on the motherboard, making it easy to adjust and switch to another front that you just can’t do.

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