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Facebook is using the first videos to teach future AI

One of the obvious goals of any computer vision project is to enable machines to see, and see, the world as a human being. Today, Facebook has it he began to speak for Ego4D, his efforts in this space, where he has developed a new program to teach future colors. In a statement, the company said it had enrolled 13 universities in nine countries, which took 2,200 hours from 700 students. This was based on user feedback, which could be used to teach future types of AI. Kristen Grauman, a Facebook research scientist, says this is the largest collection for this purpose.

The film was about a number of real-life experiences, including communication between people, shaking hands and things and predicting what would happen. In fact, according to social networking sites, a large part of the computer experience has, so far, been focused on gaining information from viewers. Facebook has announced that the data will be released in November, “for researchers who have signed an agreement to use Ego4D.” And, next year, researchers from this region will be asked to design better training machines to better understand what people are doing in their lives.

Naturally, there is a feature that Facebook, which now has a camera lens connection Ray Ban, is looking to improve his skills in the future. You probably already know about dangerous about what this review might include, as well as why everyone might hear a little bit about advertising.

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