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HTC’s Vive Flow is a $ 499 lightweight VR headset designed for fun and health

HTC today is launching a lightweight theme designed to bridge the gap between a representative VR theme and a human cinema. The HTC Vive Flow is only 189 ounces (6.6 pixels) that integrates with a mobile phone to allow you to play VR or just watch TV. They are marketed as a tool to help you have fun and a tool to help you stay healthy.

Naturally, the company does not want to talk too much about technology within Flow, choosing to look at what it can do. What we do know, however, is that it has two “1.6K” displays running at 75Hz speeds and providing a 100-degree viewing angle. There is no individual battery, except for a small component that is designed to be properly closed if the Outlet is removed from any power outlet that you connected to its USB-C cable.


It’s more important to be set up as a video player than you would a VR header, especially with a slim body. HTC has spent a lot of time and effort trying to reduce the distance between the display and your eyes, and Flow uses diopter glasses on the front. It means that short-term people will not have to wear their glasses using Flow, as they can customize the glasses to match their comfort.

To make sure that Navigation is easy, HTC has set a budget of 7.5 watts, a maximum of 3 USB cores. Some of the water energizes a small esophagus in front of your nose, which draws cold air into your face and releases warm air from the upper part of the Flow.

Image courtesy of HTC Vive Flow


HTC spent a lot of time talking about how the two horsepower machines would make sure that a glass-like frame would fit on everyone’s head. The two hand-held speakers give us what we are told is amazing as the voice space, and the beefy is given its size. And since they sit on your head like ordinary glasses, you can wear them to bed when necessary.

You can interact with Flow with your smartphone via Bluetooth or Miracast (for secure viewing) and use the phone as a guide inside VR content. This reduces the amount of experience you can enjoy with the equipment, but you would not be able to play Half Heart: Alyx on this thing anyhow. Two front-facing mirrors, once the side is adjusted, will be able to steer to be able to track your hands to hear more VR.

It is fair to say that this is not the case, and as far as I understand, it could not be the head of AR as it is here. Those glasses do not seem to offer much in the way of extravagance (beyond the need to keep pace) and these are not designed the same way.

HTC cites Flow’s content on “health, mental education, productivity” and “easy sports,” and programs such as Type Connect VR, Slope is a VR reflection software Tripp. The headline will be able to get a special Viveport Infinity, offering a full library of Flow-related features for a month for $ 5.99. The company also said that if users want to meditate within the Walk at the end of the day, a white-blue filter will be clicked to help you get enough sleep.

Photo Diopter Lenses on the back of the HTC Vive Flow


If you are looking to get the HTC Vive Flow, then pre-orders are open from today, and shipping is expected to start in November. It costs $ 499, and that’s why you get glasses and a soft backpack thrown in, but I strongly advise you to plan ahead if you want. Doing this gives you access to a bottle-like wallet, as well as seven additional VR pieces thrown for free.

Naturally, Journey has been the most technically hidden thing after most of this More was released in advance. One of the things that makes sense is the high price compared to Quest 2, though HTC was reasonable to deal with the notion that its sales were similar. Travel, after all, is not a stand-alone theme, and HTC believes that a lighter, brighter light will win over fans in a healthy and vibrant market.

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