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Syrian man found dead on Polish-Belarus border | | Migration Issues

Documents found at the funeral indicate that he was a 24-year-old Syrian man, who died recently at the border.

Polish police say they have found the body of a Syrian man near the border with Belarus, the latest death toll among people trying to cross the eastern European Union border through dense forests and wetlands.

Bialystok police spokesman Tomasz Krupa said Thursday that a police helicopter saw the man’s body in the field yesterday. The documents found on the body show that he was a 24-year-old Syrian man, who had been in Belarus since mid-September.

Opponents are investigating the allegations.

At least six migrants have died from exhaustion at the Polish-Belarus border since August, when large numbers of people from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan, as well as Africans, tried to cross the border.

Hoping to reach Germany, he was stranded on a tree-bound border with no food or shelter from the weather.

Polish officials say at present 6,700 people have been prevented from crossing the border [File: Michal Kosc/AP Photo]

Poland claims Minsk is responsible for immigration, visa and air travel to Belarus, as part of the EU’s “hybrid war” in response to a bloc donation made to the government by President Alexander Lukashenko after winning last year’s election. critics and western states say it happened.

Polish border guards and troops are repatriating migrants to Belarus.

Poland’s foreign ministry summoned Belarusian d’affaires Alexander Chesnovski on Thursday for the border incident.

Polish officials say that so far, there are 6,700 attempts to cross the border, and more than 10,000 since August. Another 1,500 people were arrested inside Poland and taken to shelters.

They can register for international security there, or a safe haven, which would affect all EU regions, if allowed. In most cases, however, they refuse and the immigrants are deported to Poland.

A a report published last week and the Amsterdam Lighthouse Reports found that secret security forces and police in three EU countries – Croatia, Greece and Romania – have committed hundreds of non-EU crimes since early 2020, as part of a “violent campaign” to prevent access to who want to be saved.

Polish officials have been criticized by human rights groups for refusing to accept asylum seekers, as well as for refusing border aid. Warsaw has claimed responsibility for Belarus.

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