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The death was announced after a Israeli plane crash in the Homs region of Syria | Conflicting Issues

One Syrian soldier and three Iranian fighters have been killed and seven others wounded in a battle east of Palmyra.

An Israeli plane in central Syria has killed one Syrian soldier and three Iranian fighters, according to a UK military inspector.

The Syrian state media SANA had previously written to the military source that Wednesday’s attack near the city of Palmyra in Homs province had killed a soldier and injured three others.

“At about 23:34 (20:34 GMT) the Israeli enemy committed atrocities in the air … in the Palmyra area and targeted a tower connecting several places nearby,” SANA said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK watchdog, said the attack affected several Iranian officials, among them a communications platform, near the T4 airbase east of Palmyra.

The Observatory said Israeli aircraft passed through the three corners of the Iraq-Syria-Jordan border when it did so.

It said the attack killed one Syrian soldier and three Iranian fighters, but their identity was not immediately known.

According to the Observatory, several more Israeli weapons were seized by the Syrian air force.

Seven other people, including three Syrian soldiers, were injured.

The incident comes days after Syrian media reported that a Syrian military report had taken Israeli weapons over Homs, wounding six Syrian soldiers and destroying several.

The Observatory reported that foreign fighters on the Iranian side were killed during the attack.

SANA says six soldiers were also injured in the incident.

Since the Syrian civil war in 2011, Israel has been carrying out demonstrations within Syria, particularly the Syrian government forces, as well as the Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah forces affiliated with the Damascus regime.

The Israeli military does not accept any strikes but has repeatedly said it will not allow Syria to be a stronghold of its arch-enemy Iran.

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