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Twitter tests ads in response to tweets

Don’t be surprised if your Twitter feed is full of ads more than ever. About reports Twitter is that testing a type that displays ads in response to a given tweet. According to Revenue Product Lead Bruce Falk, participants in the trial will see ads on the first, third or eighth response to the tweet. The test is worldwide and works for both Android and iOS users.

Falck He said the type of advertising generates profits and “combines incentives for developers and advertisers.” However, he also admitted that it was not an idea to guarantee fire. Twitter could be a “coming months” to test the frequency, layout and some of the ads to see how it works and affect the community. This can be useful to advertisers, of course, but it can also lead to refunds for Twitter readers.

This is probably not the case Twitter experiment you may want to see, but it is not surprising. Twitter has been keen to find new ways to earn money for themselves and more users, ever since Blue registration that Tip Jar donations. Advertising in response not only adds to the downside of Twitter, but also attracts producers who make money from the support of Instagram and TikTok.

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