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NASA has set up a project to investigate the past of the Solar System

One of the most important missions to study the original order of the Sun. it’s happening now. NASA said he found Lucy, a fighter jet that will be the first of its kind to detect Trojan asteroids detained near Jupiter’s base in Lagrange. They are considered to be “archeological” planetary structures that can help to understand the evolution of the Sun, just as Lucy australopithecus helped people to understand their ancestors.

The space shuttle that took off from the ULA Atlas V rocket about an hour after takeoff, made good use of its 24-foot-long armor. 2022.

Calling it a long-term job would be an insult. Lucy returns to Earth to support another gravitational force in 2024, and will not see any asteroids until they are moved by the Donaldjohanson asteroid (near the largest asteroid belt) in 2025. The first study visits its first group of Trojan asteroids, ahead of Jupiter, in 2027. It then builds four flybys before heading to Earth to support gravity in 2031. It will operate the second group of asteroids in 2033.

You don’t have to be very patient with any asteroid mission, at least. NASA will launch another explorer, Psyche, in 2022. The car will arrive at the asteroid (16) Psyche in 2026 and last 21 months to see if it represents the revealed base of the original planet or the ’empty’ immovable. Lucy is a fan of both works, however, and could pay another benefit if she could shed light on how the Sun set.

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