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Jack Ma is making his first trip outside of China since he fled to Beijing

Jack Ma is on holiday in Spain, according to two people who are well-versed in his travels, pointing out that the first official trip by a Chinese company to China since he had done bad things to the country’s financial authorities at the end of last year.

Hong Kong-based retail shares in Alibaba, Ma’s ecommerce group, rose to 9.2% on Wednesday morning.

They have made only a handful low form in China since Ant Ant’s offer, its online financial system, was shut down by President Xi Jinping in November, shortly after the boss criticized the Chinese economic regulatory body for speaking out.

Before moving to Europe, Ma was in Hong Kong, where she owns a home, according to one of her travel agents, as well as someone who knows her travels. One of the men said Ma lives in Spain at her Zen in Port d’Andratx, Mallorca.

The Ma’s foreign tour was first reported by the South China Morning Post, hosted by Alibaba. A Hong Kong newspaper reported that he was on a “study tour” of Spanish agricultural areas and businesses.

Alibaba’s spokesman declined to comment. Ma was not available for comment.

Alibaba paid $ 2.75bn in April under false pretenses self-abuse. Currently, Ant Group owns a large-order bank remodeling Which would help revive its IPO plans but at a lower cost compared to what was left in November. If it were, the $ 37bn IPB that prepared for the IPO would be the largest in the world.

Over the past few months Chinese supervisors have turned to Didi Chuxing, an elite horseman, and other professional companies that oversee many knowledge groups.

Didi angered Xi executives by continuing with a $ 4.4bn IPO in New York even though he was worried about this data protection systems. It is currently being monitored by a number of agencies and is being monitored to register users pending an investigation.

Xi has also stepped up its analysis of China’s major financial institutions to establish a program of larger meeting Its aim is to provide “equal development” and reduce inequality among the world’s second-largest economy.

The project has also included establishing strict new lending limits manufacturers which has led Evergrande, one of China’s largest real estate companies, on the edge of debt.

Chinese and other technologists have pledged billions of dollars in well-known work. In early September, Alibaba said it would donate Rmb100bn ($ 15.5bn) in an effort – to match the promise of the same with its great counterpart, Pony Ma’s Tencent Group.

Ma first public appearance Ant removed the IPO in January in an annual ceremony organized by rural education providers. At the time, Ma said he and his colleagues were “determined to commit themselves to the common good”.

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