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Adidas has launched three new wireless headphone jacks

Zound, a Swedish company that makes headphones under the Urbanears and Marshall brands, is bringing its own wireless authentication. its line of Adidas headphones. Today, it pushes out the three true wireless leaves for people who want to look sporty and sophisticated without compromising on race.

The main character is the ZNE 01 ANC, two noise-repellent pages with flexible and clear earrings, three lines. You will have a lifetime of 20 hours from each, with 4.5 hours in the shower and an extra 15.5 hours per case. (It will be interesting to see how this goes against the recently announced Zound / Marshall The image of the ANC, who are from the same company and share a lot of DNA.)

The ANC’s smaller version, ZNE 01 is like a TWS-type page, filled with the hard-hitting Adidas logo on the side. This does not carry ear plugs, but does not have the shape and form, it contributes to battery life: 5 hours per page, and another 20 for the same charge.

Surrounding all three are FWD-02 Sport, a running springs with adjustable ear tips and wings, a powerful device, that you can adjust when wearing gloves, and IPX5 to protect you from sweat and rain. This, too, runs for six hours in your ears, while the recorder gives you an extra 19 hours of water before returning to the exit.

The ZNE 01 and 01 ANC available to order here, at a price $ 189 and $ 99, thus, when the FWD-02 Sport can be priced today for $ 169, and will begin shipping sometime in November.

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