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Adobe’s Project Morpheus uses AI to create image and frame editing

Something Adobe does almost all of its annual meetings is showcasing the experiments that can one day go to its software. In 2020, it was a tool called . This year, it was and a section called Project Morpheus.

Build on Adobe was launched last year, Project Morpheus is able to create visual and frame changes in a way that produces consistent results. In a show that the company showed, one of its employees changed their video when they had a non-political voice to smile. He did this in a matter of minutes, with Adobe’s Sensei AI loaded with heavy loads. You only need to see the display once in order to understand the potential for misuse, which Adobe told Engadget to consider.

“As is the case with Adobe Max Sneaks, Project Morpheus is the way we view enlightenment and anticipation technologies from our research teams and technical teams. The idea behind this is not always inclusive,” said a company spokesman. “We recognize that we need to innovate with our responsibility to ensure that our expertise is used for the benefit of our customers and the public. Our AI growth is guided by the principles of Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency.”

In addition, the company demonstrated its performance in the financial sector . He was first announced inside , the project has seen Adobe work The New York Times and Twitter to create a metadata recording system designed to reduce the number of converted images and videos that circulate online. At Max 2021, it also began testing beta Content Credentials. It allows professionals, including photographers and professional photographers, to interact with what they are displaying on their images that describe the editing history of the file.

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