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Ecuador’s president wants to negotiate with protesters | Opposition Articles

Many people were arrested at the protests and the closure of highways in protest of rising oil prices.

Ecuador’s rural and rural communities have closed roads in several states the second day of protests against the rise in oil prices during the crisis when the President called for talks.

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso, a former banker who took over the post in May, said on Wednesday that his government would set up security on highways to maintain order.

Last Friday, Lasso announced a 12 percent oil price increase, which has almost doubled since last year, bringing the price of diesel to $ 1.90 gallons ($ 0.50 a liter) and $ 2.55 gallons ($ 0.67 per liter) on petrol, sparking massive protests. especially since he took office.

“I call for a dialogue, for unity, for the good of the country and not for the interests of the party, the party or the party,” Lasso said on Wednesday during the war. “In this economic age, it is time to unite.”

Demonstrators protest amount of cost falls unfairly on ordinary citizens who are already suffering economically as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Ecuador Confederation of Indigenous Nations (CONAIE), the group that launched the protests, wants oil prices to reach $ 1.50 gallons ($ 0.39 a liter) for diesel and $ 2 gallons ($ 0.53 liters) for gasoline.

“The government has disrupted it, and I am constantly raising oil prices,” protester Dennis Viteri, a 28-year-old textile worker, told AFP on Wednesday at a locker room northeast of Quito.

Vitamins and others used soil, tree bark and burning tires blocking session the Pan-American highway that connects Quito with Colombia

Demonstrations have disrupted traffic in at least five states in Ecuador’s 24 provinces.

Reducing oil subsidies, which began under former president Lenin Moreno, is one way for Ecuador to reduce its foreign exchange reserves.

But poverty has now affected about 47 percent of Ecuador’s population and almost one third of the population is unemployed.

At least eight police officers were injured in Tuesday’s protest and 37 people were arrested for blocking roads, the government said.

Organizers of the protest said the protests were also damaged but did not say.

Lasso announced that a 60 days of emergency last week to deal with the rise of crime and the violence perpetrated by drug traffickers in a country located between two of the world’s largest cocaine producers: Colombia and Peru.

An emergency regime, established after 240 members of a terrorist group were assassinated prison disputes since January, it allows the deployment of troops to help fight terrorists.

No restrictions were imposed on rallies or demonstrations.

On top of Ecuador’s many problems, Lasso is facing a parliamentary inquiry into the Pandora Papers ’revelations that are said to have hidden millions in items overseas.

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