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Everyone gets hats in the free DLC for ‘Bugsnax’, The Isle of BIGsnax

PlayStation only Bugsnax is growing significantly in several ways next year with the transformation of the Isle of BIGsnax. Entering the PlayStation 4 and PS5 in early 2022, The Isle of BIGsnax is unveiling a new space filled with major Bugsnax, as well as adding complexity to finishing and decorating the cottage on Snaktooth Island. And of course, the most expensive part of the update is being able to wear your Bugsnax in a variety of hats.

Changes to the Isle of BIGsnax will be free for all Bugsnax owners (try to say ten times).

Bugsnax was the launch theme for PS5, falling apart from a strong team of big names like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demons also do repair work. He comes from the independent studio Young Horses, which is formerly known for its production Eighty, an amazing physics game about the heart of an octopus pretends to be a normal father.

Recently, Young Horses said made heads establishing a four-day regular week, with the aim of fostering a better working life for employees. This is a very serious matter in the video game market, of course crunch – Employment of 100 hours and lives of overworked workers – and open a business.

“While I enjoy playing foreign sports, it’s very important for me to make the right decisions to take care of the people I work with, things like this,” Young Horses co-founder Philip Tibitoski said. told Engadget in January. “This has been a lot bigger than before, or I’ve progressed in business-y, a boss’s job, I think. Amazing, but I feel better.”

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