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Mercedes’ electric delivery van concept cleans air

Mercedes is in use soon COP26 climate summit showing his EV trials – and shows how stability can involve more than just switching to battery power. New uncovered The concept of Sustaineer delivery van is electric, as you can imagine, and also makes the environment go round. The best front and bottom filters clean the air around the van regardless of its speed. It also uses metal, ceramic brakes that reduce the amount of dust in the air and reduce wear of the brakes.

Sustaineer also has solar panels on its roof to extend the length and reduce the need for plug-in charger (this sometimes facilitates CO2 emissions). It can add electrical equipment whether the van is working or not, such as equipment and laptops. Solar power on electric vehicles is nothing new, but Mercedes clearly hopes that such an installation could make EVs as green as possible.

Other ecological techniques include energy-saving heaters that are attached to the body (including the seat belt) as well as the use of recyclable materials. The filler is made from household waste, the cab section is made from natural grass and the bottom includes recycled polypropylene as well as used tires. Mercedes also reduces noise pollution, too, thanks to the quiet movement of electricity, low-pressure tires and a self-defense door.

Security is a concern as well. The camera monitors road conditions to share reports of pits and other hazards and cities, while digital mirrors give you a clearer view than you do with cargo vans. The “biologically active” light allows the driver to stay alert by filling the cabinet with daytime running lights while maintaining a natural tone.

There is no mention of Sustainer’s mass production plans. Having said that, Mercedes emphasized that all van technology is designed with great design in mind. You can see this in other cars, not to mention other Mercedes cars. The company already has some green expertise in the field, such as a permanent overhaul of EV batteries in 2022, and Sustaineer is ultimately a viable addition to the plans.

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