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Olympus cameras will be converted to OM System

he gets a new name. The parent company OM Digital has decided as the new moniker of the genre.

There are also other Olympus cameras on the market and these will never be replaced, hence the two names for a while. But eventually the old name disappears when the OM System introduces new ones and removes the existing ones.

In addition to cameras and glasses, the OM System plans to sell audio equipment, binoculars and other services. It currently makes a flexible lens camera. OM Digital plans to create a more integrated and light-weight machine using the standard while “speeding up the editing of images and graphic elements using imaging technology,” according to reporters.

Olympus is over selling its photographic portion to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) earlier this year. JIP immediately OM Digital Solutions as another company to monitor Olympus cameras (now OM System).

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