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The Volvo autonomous model is similar to the Lego model

Volvo wants to bring self-driving skills for construction workers, but it takes a strange way to get there. The maker of the machine is uncovered a standalone stand, LX03, a Lego – 42081 Lego Technic Concept Wheel Loader Zeux, if you need it. The machine is capable of hauling 5 tons and is able to make its decisions in a variety of contexts, including interaction with working people.

The LX03 is also a specially modular. Volvo can make “one or two changes” to create a larger or smaller camera to meet the needs of the customer. It is an amazing electric and it lasts up to eight hours depending on the function. It should be available on the working day, then.

The prototype does not indicate the production type. It represents the “next phase” in Volvo’s attempt to explore AI and make decarbonize, however. And there is no denying the interest in making a real, fully functional car imitating the structure of plastic houses, especially when it can create a future that prevents people from doing dangerous and boring things.

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