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Pakistani police have arrested four for allegedly insulting a mosque | Religious Affairs

Four Muslim men are accused of blasphemy after an argument with a religious leader who refused to announce a Christian funeral.

Pakistani police have arrested four suspects rudeness after arguing with the ‘imam’ (religious leader) that if an announcement of a Christian neighbor’s funeral could be made from the mosque, government officials said so.

The case took place in the village of Khodi Khushal Singh, near the eastern city of Lahore, on November 18, a local police officer Faryad, known by the same name, told Al Jazeera on Thursday.

“The men have been detained and we have taken them to court,” he said.

The men, who were Muslims, argued with a local pastor after he refused to announce the funeral of a Christian from his mosque, according to an initial police report.

“As soon as he arrived [at the mosque], started cursing the imam of the mosque, insulting the mosque and insulting Islam, ”the report said.

Arrogance is a a difficult subject in Pakistan, where strict anti-God laws impose a coercive law the death penalty for other forms of crime.

The four were charged with violating paragraphs 295 and 298 of the Pakistani Penal Code, which carries a maximum sentence of two years’ imprisonment.

Pakistan has never executed anyone imprisoned for blasphemy laws, but the crimes that have resulted in the killing of people or people. Since 1990, at least 79 people have been killed in such violence, according to an Al Jazeera study.

Pakistan’s human rights activists have denounced the four men’s case as baseless.

“If there was a Muslim who rightly demanded that such an announcement take place in the area, it would not be a violation of the faith, and for good reason,” said human rights activist and lawyer Nadeem Anthony.

“Then if someone announces [a funeral] on the loudspeaker, how do you break the religion? ”

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