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Riots continue in Martinique, Guadeloupe as talks begin | Coronavirus Plague News

Protests that began on the COVID ban have grown to address long-standing problems in parts of France.

Protesters looted shops and set up overnight barracks in Martinique, a French news report Info said coronavirus-related riots had erupted on a French island in the Caribbean.

France Info released a video on Thursday of protesters looking for warehouses and escapes, as well as demonstration videos setting up roadblocks.

Last week in Martinique and neighboring Guadeloupe, protesters did taken to the streets in protest legal vaccination rules for health workers, a requirement that also exists in mainland France, and other restrictions related to COVID-19.

Protesters burned tires and garbage and blocked roads, while police in Martinique was shot with a shotgun this week amidst clashes. Authorities said Wednesday that they had taken action supervised a number of oil stations due to oil-related concerns.

On Thursday, leaders of the 17 unions that launched the strike in Martinique met with government officials to find a solution.

In addition to eliminating vaccination obligations, protesters have been calling for higher wages and lower prices.

In his words, the officials of Martinique he announced that the arrival time at home was set from 7pm to 5am local time (23: 00-09: 00 GMT) “until the situation stabilized” to “facilitate military intervention”.

The area has been experiencing a “period of violence in the cities, at night” since November 22, the statement read. It also said 11 people had been arrested and several weapons confiscated, without elaborating.

Meanwhile, Sebastien Lecornu, France’s foreign minister, held a video conference Thursday morning with the mayor of Guadeloupe, among other officials, “to discuss health, safety and culture” there.

A similar meeting is to be held Friday with other local officials, Lecornu’s office said. words. “In this free and open environment, much attention will be given to the needs of the youth of Guadeloupe,” the ministry said.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex on Monday announced the launch of a series of talks to “confirm and accompany, privately and compassionately” health workers who have expressed concern about the need for vaccinations.

But the protests began as a result of the coronavirus, Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler said the people of Guadeloupe used them to express their outrage at the ongoing crisis in France.

‚ÄúThis is about the people in Guadeloupe who feel like the French government [is] telling them what to do, even though they are 4,000 miles away in Paris, “Butler said Thursday from outside a hospital in Pointe-a-Pitre where paramedics were protesting.

“A lot of people here say they feel that Paris treats them like second citizens. Here there is a problem of high unemployment, there are problems and poverty,” he said.

“For them, in a way, the protests on the COVID ban is an opportunity to express their grievances on a number of issues.”

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