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Spotify is testing a similar diet with TikTok to get new music

Spotify is testing a new feature called Discover that allows users to watch standalone videos and skip or enjoy them, as you do at TikTok, TechCrunch results they say. The feature was featured in the latest version of Spotify’s beta iOS TestFlight built by Chris Messina, who tweeted that it looked like the fourth image in the Spotify version of iOS.

Discover seems to be a way for users to discover new music in an informed, fast-paced way, by swinging up and down to get through the meal. You can hit the heart to love the song, or hit the three-click menu to bring Spotify’s standard information card about the song.

The brand can use Spotify’s Canvas type, Messina’s writings. Kuti amalola artists to create videos to accompany the music, not the fixed images, and they appear in other songs instead of the fixed disc art when playing a video. They can be in the form of standard video and TV formats, along with 2D and 3D graphics. By paving the way for the show, Spotify tells artists that Canvas enhances important content such as sharing, adding playlists and visiting history pages.

Spotify has confirmed that TechCrunch results that it is testing the form, but declined to share as much as it would like to select feeds. “At Spotify, we test a number of tests regularly to improve our skills,” the spokesman said. “Some of these tests can open the door for more use and some just serve as an important learning experience. We have no other story to share right now.”

Spotify is far from the first platform to enjoy TikTok based on it. Photos of Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts and real tikTok, and even Netflix recently released a similar version of TikTok called Fast Supporting. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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