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The EU wants to ban political campaigns that target ethnic or religious groups

European Commission, a major branch of European Union, ali provided to ban certain types of political advertisements that use personal information, including race, religion, health or sexual orientation, unless users consent. Once the rules are in place, advertisers should clearly state how to use the compliance, as well as the “enhancement tools or methods” they use.

Any advertisement must also be clearly visible showing the name of the person or organization that paid, as well as disclosing the amount of money spent, where the money came from and the connection of the transaction with the election or referendum.

The EC hopes that this will help to protect the integrity of the electorate, especially in making it harder for campaigners to identify and mislead non-partisans. It also made it easier for people to identify when they see paid political advertisements, whether online or offline, and to participate in political discussions without harassment, deception or falsehood.

“Elections should not be a competition for purely unseen and unseen processes. “People need to know why they are seeing advertisements, who paid for them, how much, and what methods were used,” EC’s vice president for publicity and visibility Vera Jourová said in a statement.

If the bill becomes law, EU member states will have to pay a penalty for breaking the law. Information officers in the country will be tasked with overseeing the use of personal information in the form of advertisements and the imposition of fines if appropriate. The EC hopes to enact legislation, which builds on and production , by spring 2023, before the election of the European Parliament before next year.

Political advertising has been a hot topic on social media platforms for years. and all after the elections were closed in 2020 the US presidential election to ban false propaganda. Earlier this month, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, thousands of advertising strategies, including those related to race, health, religion, sexual orientation and political beliefs. Twitter in 2019.

Regulations issued by the EC may also prohibit certain forms of indiscriminate data collection. Back in 2019, Republican-affiliated PR farms used Google ads of potential voters.

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