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Virgin Galactic reveals the winner of the first free space travel

Virgin Galactic has announced Omaze winner award. , sweepstakes saw the company give people daily the opportunity to get two tickets on the edge. Winner is Keisha S, a health educator from Antigua and Barbuda. She is planning to give a second ticket to her daughter, who is a student of astrophysics.

Keisha says: “I have always loved flying and admiring the sky, and that is true of me. “It means the world to me. I look forward to sharing my experiences with my daughter, so that together we can inspire the next generation to follow their dreams. “

Although sweepstakes were free to enter, you can still donate , a charitable organization that is committed to broadcasting, to enroll more. Virgin Galactic estimates that it raised about $ 1.7 million in funding for the Citizen Astronaut Program in this way.

As we saw when the company announced the game, it was a way for Virgin Galactic to set a punch for its tourist efforts. At the same time, it was something of a moment for the secret broadcasters. The idea of ​​winning airline tickets was not something that one could dream of while the state-sponsored agencies were the only organizations flying in the air.

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