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Pat Cummins was named Australian Test captain, Smith as second

Athletes Pat Cummins was named captain of the 47th Test in Australia, while Steve Smith was second in command of the captain on Friday ahead of the incumbent Ashes series.

According to, The announcement came after discussions with a five-member team approved by the entire Cricket Australia team.

Cummins is the first sprinter to become a full-time Test captain for the Australian men’s team. He is also the first bowler to lead the side since Richie Benaud.

Cummins replaced Tim Paine, who resigned last week, following a spate of events in 2017.

The World Cup 1st World Cup winner, said it was an “unexpected” honor to be selected as the leader.

Australian Paine takes a ‘crazy break’

“I have the opportunity to accept the job before the big summer of Ash,” Cummins said in a statement.

“I hope I can provide the same leadership that Tim (Paine) gave the team a few years ago.

“With Steve as a leader, the greatest player on the team and the most talented youngsters to come, we are a very strong and connected team.

“This is an unexpected opportunity I really appreciate and look forward to.”

On the other hand, Smith’s announcement as vice-captain is significant, as the former ambassador has been banned from holding any role in Australian cricket for two years following a dispute over football in Cape Town in 2018..

His successor at the time, David Warner, was given a lifelong ban on leadership after the riots.


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