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Russia is monitoring Netflix over LGBT issues

Russian authorities are investigating after the head of the family protection department accused the company of violating the law of “gay propaganda”, according to . The commissioner said some of Netflix’s LGBTQIA + titles were voted for by 16-year-olds and beyond. The law of the land does not allow the publication of “false propaganda about sexual misconduct” between the ages of 18.

The interior ministry says it is reviewing the complaints. If Netflix is ​​found to be in breach of the law, they must pay a fine of one million rubles ($ 13,390). Most importantly, the work can be suspended.

A Netflix source said the company did not find any LGBT votes that voted 16+ in the first November poll. Newspapers too this month for officials to ban promotional activities from displaying shows and videos featuring “non-traditional and deviant partners” in their libraries, including Fifty Shades of Gray and Billions.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled in 2017 that the “propaganda” law, enacted in 2013, discriminates against LGBTQIA + individuals and violates the European Convention on Human Rights and Freedom of Speech. Westerners and Westerners also criticized the law.

In the meantime, Russia is looking at foreign technology companies on a larger scale. This week, it said the likes of Apple, Facebook parent Meta, Google, TikTok, Telegraph and Twitter will expire. in the country by the end of the year, if they have not done so.

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