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Rachin Ravindra’s father illuminates the cricketer’s journey

Before his most important test, Ravi Krishnamurthy gave his son Rachin Ravindra the necessary advice. He told the young cricketer, “Don’t be fooled. It leads to a confused state of mind. Use logic and wisdom. ”

And Rachin on the left, showing calmness and preparation for the game, did just that. Southpaw mocked Indian spinners on Friday, beating 91 games out of 18 unbeaten people, forcing a successful draw in the Kanpur Test.

Ravi, a programmer who migrated to New Zealand from Bangalore in the mid-90s, eats and breathes cricket.

When asked about Rachin’s overcoming difficulties, Ravi, talks to him Sportsstar at her home in Wellington, she said, “Depression is a feeling. That’s what you feel in your mind. Be open-minded. Rachin understands this. It’s that simple. ”

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Ravi, founder of the Hutt Hawks group that sends the team to India every year, said, “You are surrounded by fishermen nearby, there are five. Well, don’t talk to them. Just play football properly. Let your thoughts be empty. ”

Rachin, now 22, has been playing solid cricket since he was five, Ravi revealed. “All of his trips to India with a hot strike and the turn of the game helped him start the Tests.”


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A father and son talk several times about cricket. Ravi said, “Some of the most difficult things in the game of cricket have answers in kindergarten school!”

Ravi stayed up all night watching the Rachin match-saving match. “I am obviously happy. He has come through schools and age cricket. They can also produce a useful left-handed arm. He is a good boy, very mature at his age and loves to laugh. “

Ahead of the trip to India, Ravi advised Rachin, the Wellington opener, to play five games to force the draw against the powerful Canterbury.

The ball was moving slowly in the Basin Reserve, but Rachin scored four and a half minutes for 70 minutes. “He almost pulled it off. In his heart, he gave up everything.”

Ravi said, Rachin has a strong game but he can change depending on the situation.

And why, do you think, has he been called Rachin? It is a combination of Rahul [Dravid] and Sachin [Tendulkar].


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