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Aaron Finch on T20 World Cup winners: No one can take this away from us

Almost a month has passed since Australia won eight wickets in New Zealand to win the World T20 World Cup for the first time. Mitchell Marsh hit the worst 77 out of 50 balls while Australia added a target of 173 while remaining seven in Dubai.

Australian white football captain Aaron Finch looked back on a huge success in this series Sportsstar.

First, a lot of good. Good time. Has the T20 World Cup victory already arrived? What does this title mean to you as a player and captain?

Now I have time to meditate. It means everything to me, no one has given us a chance to win, and no one will be able to take it away from us. As a supervisor, it was truly a unique and special experience that I will love forever.

Can you tell us about Marsh’s release on No. 3 and how did the idea originate?

With Smith not being on the list of West Indies and Bangladesh, it was a good opportunity to try something. Mitch has been in charge of the BBL (Big Bash League) for the past few years hitting number 3, so we impressed him, and he was our best player in both competitions. So, considering this, we left him at number 3 in the World Cup.

Many mocked Marsh all smiling as Australia won the T20 World Cup

Australia relied on strong test attacks from Josh Hazlewood, Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc. Did the combination of multiculturalism help in this regard?

Good football and good football, no matter what kind of cricket you are playing. The difference is the death of Bowling and practicing those skills. The three bowlers are our fastest running athletes in Australia and they prove this over and over again, which is why they are selected in all three categories.

Quotes from David Warner. We know you and the supervisors always help him get through. But given his difficulties in construction, how satisfying was it to see him strike like this?

I really enjoy playing cricket with Davey. Therefore, seeing him beat the way he did in the race was enough. Every beat goes through tough times, like me, but we always help Davey get back on track. He’s a very good player not to do that.

Do you think the loss of the T20 series in Bangladesh and West Indies came at the right time for the team?

See, you do not like to lose, and it is not easy, but it was very different and difficult for us in both cases, and in the West Indies with the debt of Bangladesh, he broke us, so maybe it was time to wake us up. essential.

Finally, you will enter next year’s T20 WC at home as a defender. Looking forward to that?

I can’t wait! Playing World Cup in front of those who help us at home is unique, and hopefully, we can do our best to win again.


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