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Deal for WIRED Readers: Free Coffee Beans From Atlas Coffee Club

New beans run out change the world if you try to make alcohol good coffee at home. Save yourself a trip to the store and bring them to your own home! Atlas Coffee Club is one of our own your favorite coffee registration activities, and offers WIRED readers the first free bag of coffee beans along with a 1.8-ounce coffee sample (four cups) from Guatemala.

A bag of 12 ounces usually costs $ 14. The company usually offers free wallets for major sales events, such as in the past Cyber ​​Monday, but an additional model closes the pot. The only catch? You will need to sign up for registration at the time of departure and you will be paid your next wallet when it is shipped the following weeks. If you realize that you do not want the job, you can skip one month, stop the job, or stop it before you pay. Click the link below to view an exit promotion. The agreement will run until December 13.

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Why We Love Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club.

Photo: Atlas

Atlas Coffee Club brings you one kind of beans — roasted in Austin, Texas — every two or four weeks. You can adjust the frequencies, as well as if you want a black or light burner, whole beans or coffee mixed, and how many bags you need for each order. What makes this project special is that each month you receive a bag of beans from other countries, and it travels more than 50, from Indonesia to Brazil.

The bags come in small quantities guided by the source of the beans, and the postcard of the country, and another card describing the spice of the beans and ideas on how to make alcohol. A free sampler from Guatemala included in this upgrade is a process called anaerobic fermentation, which removes air from the coffee cherries early. Atlas says it added local ingredients “to ensure good fermentation and to create the right amount of yeast so that it can dry well and taste good.” It is different from what you would find in a standard 12-ounce bag.

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