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Firefox 95 enhances browser protection against malicious code

Mozilla is introducing a new security component that is said to make Firefox the most secure browser available to consumers. Photographer and is available through the latest version of Firefox 95, a new sandbox tool the company developed in collaboration with the University of California San Diego and the University of Texas.

All modern browsers use sandboxing to protect users from malicious code. The problem is that many high-level connections combine two weaknesses to bypass that protection. With RLBox, Firefox will integrate the process WebAssembly and then translate it into native code. According to Mozilla, this method has two advantages. It prevents the code from jumping between different parts of the program and reduces access to other areas of your system’s memory.

With the release today, Mozilla will use RLBox to integrate five Firefox components, including Graphite browser browser and Ogg multimedia module. If the machines work as expected, the company says “even at zero-day risk at any event [the five components] should not threaten Firefox. “

Mozilla is quick to note that it does not use RLBox to protect any Firefox component. For example, it is not appropriate for modules that rely on sharing memory with the rest of the program to work. However, the company hopes that other manufacturers will use the technology to make their applications safer. Currently, RLBox is now available for all types of Firefox computers and phones.

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