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US imposes sanctions on DRC over Gertler | Bribes

Alain Mukonda of the DRC is accused by the US Treasury of opening up bank accounts to Dan Gertler and paying him and his close friend.

The United States Treasury government on Monday handed down sanctions to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its 12 agencies for providing assistance to Israeli mining chief Dan Gertler.

Alain Mukonda of the DRC is accused by the US Treasury Department of opening a bank account for Gertler and paying him and his best friend.

The Treasury government alleges that Mukonda paid 16 billion dollars between $ 11m and $ 13.5m to corporate corporate accounts belonging to the Gertler family and relocating several Gertler companies from Gibraltar and the British Virgin Islands to the DRC.

“The Treasury is committed to assisting the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the fight against corruption in the interest of political oppressors for the benefit of the Congo,” US Treasury Secretary General Wally Adeyemo said in a statement. “The Treasury recognizes that corruption breeds instability and conflict, and it reduces efforts to achieve economic growth and the laws needed to address instability.”

Monday’s sanctions build on the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act which targets those who violate human rights and corruption, and are the first in what the Treasury describes as a “Week of Action” leading to a Summit for Democracy hosted by US President Joe. Biden.

Gertler was appointed by former US President Donald Trump’s supervisors in 2017 for promoting corruption in the DRC, where he has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of mines and oil. Gertler is accused of using his close relationship with former DRC President Joseph Kabila to establish himself as a mediator in the country’s mining industry. The inflation cost the DRC more than $ 1.36bn in economic losses between 2010 and 2012, the Treasury said.

Gertler denies any wrongdoing.

In March, Biden’s regime overturned Gertler’s decision in the last days of the Trump administration.

Those with U.S. sanctions have their U.S. property closed, and Americans are not allowed to do business.

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