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Former SpaceX employees say the company has a culture of harassment

Tesla is not the only company in Elon Musk’s history to own it rape cases. Women who have previously worked in SpaceX, including engineers Ashley Kosak and four others talking to them On the beach, criticized the company for doing little to prevent sexual harassment. The male staff is said to have done a lot of unnecessary things, obscene comments and contact. Kosak said one of his colleagues came to visit him at his house and demanded his arrest, while Julia CrowleyFarenga (who filed for SpaceX in 2020) said a male employee barred her from being hired after she claimed she was being fired.

SpaceX says it did not want to take any action. Although the women reported what happened to the SpaceX community, the company appeared to be more interested in keeping the company’s plans rather than in the face of harassment. HR asked Kosak to explain ways to address sexual harassment, but there were no results – and HR CEO Brian Bjelde and company president Gwynne Shotwell apparently did not know what he was saying when he met them.

We asked SpaceX for feedback. In the email On the beach received, however, Shotwell is aware of Kosak’s online story on the matter and said HR will conduct an internal and independent investigation into its activities. He reiterated SpaceX’s concept of “no A-hole” and that the alleged harassment should explain what happened to HR or managers. Shotwell did not address the concerns of retaliation, however, the issue came as a result of six other Tesla employees. prosecuted on abusive remarks.

All of the women involved put pressure on the leadership and corporate culture that puts the job first rather than the lives of the workers. Elon Musk sees engineers as “something worth digging for,” said Kosak, not the people to take care of. Do more men’s work that leaves women alone (one complainant likened it to a “boys’ club ”) and women may have less chance of dealing with abuse. If so, any long-term strategies may require the management and modification of information, rather than simply adherence to existing principles.

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