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Google Meet’s Companion Mode goes to Nest Hub Max

After renovating the workspace (kale G Suite) and other new ones last year, Google’s Companion Mode previously announced Nest Hub Max and other Google Meet tools have just been released.

Companion Mode is a second app designed to help move to a mixed-use environment by providing easy-to-manage access to a variety of Google Meet features for callers from the sharing office.

In the past, employees who come from the conference room often had to exercise if they wanted to do simple things like raise their hand (almost) or leave a comment on the chat. As a result, employees who worked remotely and invited to meetings by phone or PC are often more busy and visible at meetings than colleagues in the office they worked with using a custom-built conference room.

However, thanks to the addition of Companion Mode, office workers will soon find out more about Google Meet via Nest Hub Max or other legal tools if Lenovo Tap is still part of the session you shared. And while Nest Hub Max may not be common in conference rooms these days, this new feature could help Google push more tools to businesses of all kinds as they adapt to the aftermath of the epidemic. To participate in the conference using Companion Mode, you can turn on the green in the Google Meet greenhouse or use the dedicated link:

The Google Meet features available in Companion Mode include chatting, starting with voting, raising your hand (which includes showing the person’s name and title), using group controls and turning on keywords or translators.

Google says the goal is to ensure that no matter where you work, everyone in the video will be able to use the same tools and format. Companion Mode will be switched on randomly, however, for users of the free Meet version, it is important to note that each user will be counted as an additional 100 characters, rather than a room full of people counted as one present.

Companion Mode in Google Meet will start this week, although depending on the region or type of users, it may take several weeks to become available on your device.

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