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How and When to Restart Your Weapons

Electricity is good, That is why our houses are full of them. But sometimes things get out of hand, and wasting time on problem solving is not fun for everyone. But repeated shutdown — a common denial by the IT department — could alleviate many of the problems. If you use a machine or restart regularly, you can prevent problems from occurring, giving your equipment a better chance of running smoothly.

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Smartphones and Tablets

Both Android and iOS run backups these days, meaning you don’t have to restart your phone to remove RAM or app storage. But our most reliable mobile devices are just computers. They are on 24/7 and can work slowly, connectivity issues, and other problems if we do not restart them.

If you have a problem, such as lag, restart is The first solution that Google offers. It is not necessary to restart if your phone is running smoothly, but we recommend restarting once a week if you are experiencing difficulties or slow down.

How to Restart Android Phones and Tablets

To restart your Android phone manually, hold the Power button until the Power menu pops up and finds Restart. If your power menu does not appear for any other reason, pressing the power button down continuously for 30 seconds or more will turn off your phone, and you can press again to turn it back on.

One Android phones also provide opportunities for self-regulation. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, for example, go to Preferences and research Restart yourself at set times. It is also found inside Preferences, then Battery and device maintenance, by clicking on the three dots and selecting Actions only. This gives you the opportunity to choose a date and time to start over.

Just remember: Once you restart your phone, you must enter your PIN at restart (even if you have biometrics, such as fingerprints, setup). Restarting will damage the battery life more than ever, when programs and systems restart.

How to restart iPhones and iPads

To restart your iPhone, hold the Power button and volume up Walk to turn it off pops up (if you have an iPhone with Touch ID or Home button, just hold the Power button). Press the Power button again to restart the device. If the shutdown slider does not appear for some reason, try Force Restart.

Computers and Laptops

We encourage you to do a all backup storage and go back to your computer once a year to reduce and keep things running smoothly, but you need to start over often. Your computer will prompt you to restart when needed, such as after installing new software, and it may be best to restart it regularly.

If you turn off your computer or laptop every night, then you need not worry, because you are restarting it well every day already. Always keep any activity open and exit the application before restarting.

Windows PC

Photo: Windows via Simon Hill

When I asked Microsoft how often I had to restart Windows, Microsoft told me these instructions. It officially recommends that you restart Windows PC once a week.

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