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India: Chief security officer “disrupted by weather”: ask | Weather News

The government has condemned an unpredictable weather that resulted in a helicopter crash that killed an Indian army chief last month.

A pilot who was disrupted by a sudden change in weather struck a helicopter carrying India’s security chief General Bipin Rawat last month, massacre 14 on board, a government investigation was carried out.

The 63-year-old Rawat was traveling with his wife and other officials in a Russian-made Mi-17V5 chopper, which crashed near his destination south of the Tamil Nadu state on December 8.

“The investigating court has ruled that mechanical failure, damage or negligence resulted in the accident,” India’s defense ministry said Friday.

The ministry said an investigative team had examined the plane’s recorder, cockpit recorder and asked witnesses to provide its initial report.

“The accident was caused by cloud cover due to a sudden change in weather in the valley,” he said. “This caused the pilot to panic over the location of the Controlled Flight into Terrain.”

A day after the accident, the Indian defense minister said a helicopter lost contact and flight management seven minutes after it arrived and did not send a call before it was found on fire in the woods.

Rawat was India’s first security chief, a position set by the government in 2019, and was considered close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The box of Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat passed through New Delhi after being pulled from the back of a military vehicle. [File: Anushree Fadnavis/Reuters]

His death was the story of wall-to-wall media coverage in Indian newspapers, and his box-covered coffin was pulled from the streets of New Delhi in a cart loaded with flowers before they were burned.

He and his wife were burned at the stake, and they were promised a gunshot wound to the head with their daughters.

Rawat was a very outspoken and interesting, but very popular, police officer who came from a military background and had already survived a helicopter crash in 2015, with minor injuries.

The General went to the Defense Services Staff College to speak to students and teachers as the Mi-17 bomb collapsed in a state of emergency.

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