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Netflix covers tennis records from the ‘Drive to Survive’ group

Netflix it makes a huge push in the game record following the success of Formula 1: Drive to Survive. We studied this week that the 2022 PGA Golf Tournament and the major men’s golf tournament is underway, and now the company has announced that a similar show that features the world of top tennis is in operation.

All three movies are produced or produced by the same company, Box to Box Films. Netflix says the yet-to-be-mentioned tennis series offers equal opportunities for both men and women. The names of the players involved were not disclosed, according to , but given top names for participating Drive to Survive as well as golf, they expect the game of tennis to feature celebrities.

Netflix has sealed deals with tennis governing bodies, ATP and WTA, as well as the organizers of four Grand Slam games – the biggest events on the tennis calendar. Since production began at the Australian Open, docuseries could start with some great drama.

Friday, Australian officials again eliminated The visa of Novak Djokovic, the world’s top football player, this time “for health and good planning.” Djokovic, who does not have a COVID-19 vaccine, said earlier this month that he was allowed to travel to Australia and continue his search for the 21st Grand Slam for men. However, questions arose about his pardon, and he he agreed making a “judgmental error” by going to a public event in December and waiting for the results of the COVID-19 test. She was diagnosed with HIV.

Drive to Survive has helped to increase the popularity of Formula 1, especially among US viewers. Tennis players will have the same hopes as the upcoming docuseries. Last year’s US Open attracted 796,000 viewers, the second lowest number since ESPN gained independence in 2015.

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