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Russia prepares for attack on Ukraine: US government | Conflict Issues

Russia is preparing to make excuses for invading Ukraine and has already announced operatives to carry out “false flag operations”, Washington officials have warned, quoting from Kyiv.

Russia’s special missions are planning a “disaster” against Russian troops inside Moldova’s separate province of Transnistria In a lawsuit against Kyiv, Ukrainian intelligence said Friday.

US officials has also expressed similar sentiments. “Russian actors have already started producing Ukrainian shows in governments and on television to justify Russia’s intervention and instigate divisions in Ukraine,” a US official told Reuters on Friday.

Moscow has already sent city-trained bombers to destroy Russian weapons in eastern Ukraine – and to condemn what is happening in Kyiv – if Russian President Vladimir Putin thinking he wants to move forward with the uprising, a US official told The Associated Press not to be identified.

Moscow has blamed Ukraine for disrupting plans to use force to regain control of the Russian-occupied territories in eastern Ukraine, which Kyiv has denied. [Alexei Alexandrov/AP Photo]

Moscow has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov have been made more than once.

Sending troops

Russia has mobilized nearly 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border with diplomatic talks Attempts to resolve the conflict did not bear fruit.

Russia wants the US and NATO to provide written assurances that the alliance will not grow in the east. Washington said this was not a cause but said it was ready to negotiate with them Moscow about possible future shipments of weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine and imposing borders on US and NATO military operations in Eastern Europe.

An official in Kyiv warned on Friday that the same conflict would raise questions about Ukraine’s “life and death”. Andriy Yermak, head of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Office, he added, adding that most Ukrainians will protect the country.

Zelenskyy wants to hold a meeting with US President Joe Biden and Putin of Russia to discuss security growth, Yermak said Friday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday that Moscow was not prepared to wait indefinitely for the US and NATO to respond. security requirements and that it seeks to respond in detail to any Russian ideology.

Lavrov said President Putin was able to make the decision when Moscow received a response and a statement on his intentions and ideas against the West.

Alexander Titov, a lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast who works in Russian politics, said the ongoing conflicts in Europe, including around Ukraine, help Russia to focus on NATO and the US.

“This is Russia’s way … to raise the bar, to push, and to push (to) the re-establishment of more security in Europe in favor,” Titov told Al Jazeera.

The war of knowledge

Monga discussion sputter, Ukrainian government websites were hit by the devastation on Friday.

The websites of national ministers, seven services, finance, National Emergency Service and website of government services, where Ukrainian electronic passports and vaccination certificates are stored, have not been temporarily available.

The websites contained messages in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish, stating that the content of Ukrainian posts had been publicly downloaded. The Ukrainian government denied the allegations, saying nothing had been released.

“Have fear, and expect evil. This is your past, present and future, “the message was read aloud.

The Kyiv government said late Friday that cyberattack showed up signs of Russian influence.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the situation in Moscow was similar to that of the Kremlin. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the Black Sea island of Ukraine since 1954.

As a result of what he called “destructive” and “intelligence activities”, Psaki said Friday that a complete invasion of Ukraine could begin between January and mid-February.

The 2014 Crimea Troubles came at a time when Ukraine wanted to strengthen relations with Europe and the West. During that time, Russia added lies to the fact that Ukrainian citizens are being oppressed in eastern Ukraine.

Moscow for a long time is accused of using disinformation as a way to combat enemies in connection with military operations and cyber attacks.

In 2014, Russian journalists tried to denounce pro-Western protests in Kyiv as “US-sponsored by Ukrainian fascist extremists” and to promote reports of Crime-Moscow relations, according to a report by Stanford University’s Internet Observatory.

INTERACTIVE- NATO growth in Europe[Al Jazeera]

Jobs are on the rise now, said Psaki. “Russian officials and protesters are emphasizing the violation of human rights in Ukraine and the growing number of terrorist leaders in Ukraine,” he said. Russian social media articles He also blamed Western countries for intensifying the conflict and highlighting social issues in Ukraine, he added.

The US followed about 3,500 daily TV newscasts highlighting the news in December, Psaki said, a 200 percent increase from the whole of November.

As tensions mount and the threat of war draws near, Moscow warns Washington that it will not back down from the possibility of shipping its military goods to Latin America if the US does not suspend military service on the doorstep of Russia.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan criticized Russia for sending Cuba and Venezuela as “interference in public comment”.

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