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15 Great Chinese Game of Thrones

In the past Squid game ranked No. 1 in 94 countries, and 142 million viewers and beyond 3 billion minutes watched, The story of Yanxi Palace was in 70 countries and 700 million viewers in one day, up to over 15 billion views and live The most searched Google show in 2018, although Google does not exist in China.

Yet many Americans have never heard of it.

Under the pressure of Netflix to become a global player, Americans are gaining global interest. Giving 97 percent of US Netflix subscribers saw what was not English last year. Korean drama interest has always been there doubled in the last two years, as the anime escalated 50 percent from 2019 to 2020. By Asia accounting more than half of Netflix new subscribers, expecting more beatings from South Korea and Japan.

But what about the second largest entertainment producer from a market where Netflix does not work?

Can Chinese Entertainment Be Launched?

Kuek Yu-Chuang, VP of International Business iQyi, China’s largest tower, believes so. “Global signs appeared in 2018 and Yanxi, and models continue to grow. ” Over the past two years, more than half of those surveyed in the US have tested Chinese protests, according to a recent iQiyi survey. Monthly users, monthly viewing, and Chinese TV shows doubled in North America this year, according to figures shared by iQiyi shared with WIRED.

“Chinese shows have not been notified or commented on by 214 million Netflix members worldwide, which is why we have not seen the same spread as in Korea or Japan,” said Julia Alexander, a senior analyst at Parrot Analytics.

Larry Namer, founder of E! Entertainment TV Networks is the president of Metan Global Entertainment, hoping for China to have more shows around the world. “In some ways, there are more opportunities to put China at risk than in the US, even the government. You are banned in some demonstrations, but others appear.”

How We Made This List

In this series, WIRED took US and Chinese comments and what Chinese TV producers and advertisers: Ting Chen, a graphic designer; Zijin Chen, author and screenwriter; Frank Jiang, CEO of Shanghai Yingyuan Culture & Technology; Jun Ni, visual writer and assistant professor of Film and Television, Central Academy of Drama; Rui Ma, CMO of New Studios Media Co; and Dai Ying, SVP and GM of the Original Drama Division at iQiyi.

Specified ideas: 60 percent modern, 15 percent of the time (1900-1990), and 25 percent of historical drama, based on the 2020 crash for 415 scripted web and TV C-drama. [LT3]. Our ideas touch every genre and include personal, family, and group issues, and we took a closer look at the shows available to audiences across the United States and Europe.

Without delay, here is the C-Watch List of the most inspiring shows of the last nine years.

Looking for Epic, Top Views?

Nirvana in Fire Langa Bang

This is worth seeing. Subversive wuxia (old karate story) with a weak leader who has given up his martial arts. It was founded in China in the sixth century, and Mei Chang Su, a master of art, secretly helped Prince Jing, the most unexpected child, to fight for the throne to clear his family name. This is based on a book by Hai Yan, one of China’s most famous writers, which is not available in English, as do many other early sources. “The most important C drama about respect, courage, and self-sacrifice,” says Dai Ying of IQiyi, “is still second only to C. “Looks good. It’s an interesting but personal story of how we live, how we die, and what matters, “says Liv Fowler, author and columnist.

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