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Linktree’s arbitration function abruptly prohibits sexual offenders

Yet another job has chased down sex offenders on its platform. According to Women’s box, Linktree, a tool that gives you the opportunity to share multiple links and single links online, has provided sex workers all night without warning. Banned users have gone to social networking sites like Twitter to announce that their accounts have been banned for “improper use” and have not received any email or notification of any kind. Some claim to pay for the service, which costs $ 9 a month for a Pro tier, but they have not been reimbursed once their account has been terminated.

Marlene Bonnelly, Linktree’s Director of Trust & Security, told the book that the banned accounts shared a link that violates Community Standards. Bonnelly’s words:

“According to our company policy, Linktree banned accounts came from sharing links that violated Community Standards by sharing real-time sex advertising.”

Sex operators use tools like Linktree, because some platforms do not allow you to connect with major websites like OnlyFans directly. Perhaps most importantly, they have to differentiate between using multiple pages, because they will not know when the task will decide to ban which is the largest.

Financial services such as PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, have already been identified to close stories of people who engage in sex trade. Patreon banned about sex in 2017, and the number of services that have decided to have sex workers and their resources have grown since the US government. has passed FOSTA-SESTA a few years ago. Even OnlyFans, which has been the equivalent of adults, tried to stop it “sex” in 2021 until suspension its change in policy.

Linktree’s Terms of Service stipulate that a user must not “incorporate pornographic material (including images and language) into your Web site or account only.” However, it is absurd and it does not make sense if linking to a site like OnlyFans has been in conflict with its rules. It is not yet clear why Linktree suddenly banned sex workers from using the service for so long, but those who engage in sexual activity may want to find another tool to share links that they can use.

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